Colosseum Winter Active Ryegrass

The Perfect Surface

  • The introduction of Mediterranean genetic based winter active turf varieties through over seeding practices will have a significant impact on the overall surface of a traditional summer active turf area.
  • The growth habit of a winter active turf rye variety acts as a cushion to the dormant couch or kikuyu. Goal squares and other high traffic areas show a superior resistance to wear when this practice is implemented to a turf management program.
  • The developments that have resulted from research into seed genetics has enabled us to formulate specific blends for our customers and their unique situations. The Mediterranean bred selections of turf rye grass are a fine example of how seed, when sown prior to a football season can accommodate high wear and maintain consistent colour through the winter.

Benefits of Mediterranean Genetics

Colosseum is a winter active type bred ryegrass with Mediterranean genetics, giving the cultivar much more active growth at 5-10 degrees Celsius. Colosseum germinates freely at 5 degrees. For example, a germination test at 5 degrees showed that Colosseum had 89% germination, compared to an average of 38% germination for four representative USA type cultivars.