Services which are provided by Sturf.


Most plants suffer from diseases and these are mainly caused by fungi, bacteria and nematodes.

Plant attacking insects also challenge the plant/turf, weakening the turf or killing the plant/turf completely. At T-Link we have a comprehensive software program to enhance the product selection for the respective problem at hand.

This, in conjunction with the premium suppliers of Turf Protection products provides the turf manager with the best possible preventative and curative approach – that’s Protection.


Custom Blend Fertilisers

soil physics

From the recommendations provided in the soil analysis, we develop a prescription blend fertiliser. The blend will combine the correct amounts of nutrient levels to give the balance that the soil requires and allows the plants/turf to perform to its maximum ability.


Analysis - From the Soil Up

Successful turf management starts with understanding the soil. Liebig's Law of the Minimum



Setting the Standard

The role of turf managers is so often complicated by expectations placed on them to produce faultless surfaces. Factors such as climatic extremes, heavy programming schedules and continual wear are the reasons why sports fields are often presented in a fashion that attracts criticism.

At T-Link we have structured a simple yet effective process that enables turf managers to produce a surface that withstands the rigours of heavy winter use and, come summer, allows a stress tolerant, water efficient, low maintenance management program.

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