Koro Field Top Maker


  • A true one pass thatch removal operation – this offers true reduction of thatch compared to scarifying.
  • The “shaving” reel totally shaves out excess vegetative thatch material with fine adjustment to suit any sports turf surface.
  • A true and clean finish will be the result on flat or undulating surfaces.
  • Eradicating weeds such as winter grass and parramatta grass mechanically, not chemically, are a reality.
  • Verti cutting to 50mm deep and scarifying can now be implemented without huge logistical tasks of clean up.

Turf shaved by Koro


Turf scarified by Koro


Example of Heavy Mow

Heavy Mow Equivalent

Cricket Wickets

One Pass cricket wicket table preparation.

The flat 2.0m wide shave plane of the FTM200 removes vegetative build up and undulations without the painful exercise of laser levelling. Annual surface maintenance programs will result in long-term minimisation of surface undulations gradually becoming more flat after each application.

Koro Recycling Field Top Dresser

It is now both practical and economical to attack head-on problems caused by years of accumulated mat and thatch build up over large areas such as golf fairways and sports fields. The design and action of the recycling top dresser machine is ideal for these problems:

  • Deep aeration, Top Dressing with YOUR own balanced soil, mini drainage slits to 200mm, completed in one pass
  • Generate up to 150 tonne/hectare of top dressing material in less than one working day, in one pass.
  • Minimal disruption to use of area.
  • No more build up of perched layers, by bursting through these layers and providing soil from within the profile the functional principals of an ideal perched water table management is maintained.
  • Logistics of traditional aeration, scarify, top dress are time consuming and expensive, one pass – all done.

Koro Recycling Top Dresser in Action

Copious amounts of anerobic organic mat build up can be brought to the surface where nature can set about doing its job to break it down. This organic material along with its locked up nutrients mixed with the soil from within the profile is placed on the surface as a top dressing. A quality turf environment is provided, allkowing additional air to circulate down deep into the sub-structure. Fractures of the soil profile up to a depth of 200mm while leaving a top dressing at the surface 10mm deep.

This enhances water infiltration and root growth to greater depth is achieved. This enables less irrigation water to be used.

Aerates, Decompacts & Top Dresses in One Pass

  • Utilise your soil and save
  • No foreign weeds introduced as with imported soil
  • No layering from different imported soils from years of top dressing
  • Ease of operation with aeration, decompaction and top dressing in one pass
  • Minimise neighbour complaints with less operations and dust
  • Minimise time out of play with Koro Recycling Top Dresser
  • Improve watering efficiency with improved infiltration
  • Improved root growth of turf