Wetting Agents


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Hydrophobic soils (non wetting soils or commonly called “Dry Patch”) restrict the entry of water, which 'balls up' or sits on the soil in beads rather than infiltrating the soil.

Hydro-Fix addresses the problem instantly, giving season-long relief.


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Aquastore water retention products will dramatically influence the behaviour of water in the soil profile.

  • The addition of the Aquastore range to the maintenance program will enable water to be held in the profile longer, making nutrient readily available to the plant and creating the opportunity to extend watering intervals.
  • The ability to extend the interval between waterings will reduce irrigation costs and will have a major effect on the structure of the roots, and the potential for excess salinity is reduced and nutrients are held in the soil profile longer for use by the plant/turf.
  • Aquastore can be applied in a granular form, liquid or coated on a fertiliser blend.