Velvetene Core

Velvetene is a Plant Breeders Rights registered variety of seashore paspalum, (Paspalum Vaginatum), which exhibits significant salt tolerance and happily grows in a wide variety of soil types and pH levels. It has similar texture and density to that of the finer couch grasses (Bermudas). The leaf has a wax coating giving the appearance of a glistening bright green, shining lustre with a velvet soft touch. The plant has very dense, laterally growing stolons with a close internode spacing, deep thick rhizomes which gives the plant good drought tolerance and a high re-generative rate following harvest. It is not as invasive as many couches (Bermudas) but is a tough, hardy plant with excellent recouperative rates from wear and scalping; has good winter colour retention with early spring green-up rates following winter dormancy. Winter dormancy generally occurs with ground temperatures consistently below 16 degrees Celsius with no top growth visible below 12 degrees Celsius.

Bleaching of the upper leaves will occur with severe winter frost; however, the stolon appears unaffected even after, say, 10 days of continuous morning frosts around -2 degrees Celsius.

Velvetene has a low seed head production for a short duration and has non-viable seeds, meaning the plant has to be vegetatively propagated from runners or stolons. Visual seed head is apparent with delayed mowing frequencies, however, under close mowing regimes seed head is only visible in a small sheath well down in the thatch during the seeding growth phase.

Deep Velvetene Roots


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Grows in clay or sandy soils
  • Fine leaf texture
  • Outstanding deep colour with minimal fertiliser
  • Grows in a wide range of soils from PH 4 to 10
  • Requires little fertiliser
  • Grows in full sun or with a minimum of 4 hours sun
  • Quickly repairs itself
  • Attractive striping after mowing
  • Tolerates water logging
  • Frost tolerant
  • Drought & Salt tolerant
  • Can be maintained with poor quality water sources

Velvetene at AAMI Stadium


Velvetene has a soft dense surface suitable for family activities and is a beautiful lawn, which will be the envy of the neighbourhood.

Velvetene is used in public open spaces, golf courses, even in the palace gardens of the United Arab Emirates.

Velvetene can be mowed as low as 3mm making it an excellent choice for bowling and putting greens.

Velvetene tolerates a wide range of water sources including recycled/effluent grey water, brackish water, even sea water, under good drainage conditions; making Velvetene suitable for areas of limited fresh water.


Velvetene is easily maintained.
Average mowing height 8 — 15 mm
Close cut Surface height 3mm :- for example Golf Green
Apply fertiliser sparingly in Spring and Autumn.
When applying chemicals check labels to ensure suitable for Paspalum lawn.