Setting the Standard

The role of turf managers is so often complicated by expectations placed on them to produce faultless surfaces. Factors such as climatic extremes, heavy programming schedules and continual wear are the reasons why sports fields are often presented in a fashion that attracts criticism.

At T-Link we have structured a simple yet effective process that enables turf managers to produce a surface that withstands the rigours of heavy winter use and, come summer, allows a stress tolerant, water efficient, low maintenance management program.

This pro-active holistic approach to turf management, in comparison to one which is re-active, will allow a process to unfold whereby you are implementing strategic practices that are not only beneficial at that time, but will also withstand those high stress periods.

This represents a planned approach with strategic implementation, and the ability to control the process. This really is “Goal Setting” and winning.

Local - Yes, We Are Local!

T-Link is South Australian owned and operated. It has been servicing the recreational turf market since 1999, assisting turf managers in providing quality turf surfaces. The staff at T-Link are skilled in the many facets necessary to provide this service. Your satisfaction is our guarantee. Please utilise the skills of the local South Australian team!

Analysis - From the Soil Up

Successful turf management starts with understanding the soil. Liebig's Law of the Minimum

At T-Link we do this by:


Custom Blend Fertilisers

soil physics

From the recommendations provided in the soil analysis, we develop a prescription blend fertiliser. The blend will combine the correct amounts of nutrient levels to give the balance that the soil requires and allows the plants/turf to perform to its maximum ability.

Annual monitoring of the soil profile will give assurance that you are:

  1. In control of nutrient levels
  2. Eliminating the potential for plant/turf health decline
  3. Minimising environmental impact
  4. Obtaining maximum results from renovation programs.

Prescription Fertilisers – Supplied and Applied

Bulk bin with self unloading mechanism

Bulk bin with self unloading mechanism

Soils requirements vary from site to site; to only apply the nutrients that are required at specified rates gives you confidence that the condition of the soil is functioning at its best.

If it’s a 25 kg bag you want or a 3 tonne bulk bin delivered to a site, T-Link can supply and apply your fertiliser for you.

Fertiliser Spreading

T-link is the state distributor for Agri Boss and Walco. So if you are looking for tractors, gators, fertiliser spreaders, ask us for information from our wide range.

Fertiliser spreader in action top dressing

Walco Allspread 6.75 Single Axle

Walco Allspread 6.75 Single Axle

Walco Allspread 12.75 Single Axle

Walco Allspread 12.75 Single Axle


Most plants suffer from diseases and these are mainly caused by fungi, bacteria and nematodes.

Plant attacking insects also challenge the plant/turf, weakening the turf or killing the plant/turf completely. At T-Link we have a comprehensive software program to enhance the product selection for the respective problem at hand.

This, in conjunction with the premium suppliers of Turf Protection products provides the turf manager with the best possible preventative and curative approach – that’s Protection.